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01 Strengthening Anti-Fraud Efforts through Interagency Collaboration Porsche Sports Sedan Auctioned for NT$3.31 Million, 10% Above Market Value 2024-07-12
02 Rare High-Performance Porsche SUV Auction by Taichung Branch Office: Act Quickly to Secure This Unique Opportunity! 2024-07-05
03 Guidelines for Auctioning Educational Materials by the Taichung Branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency: Everything Has Value, Integrity Is Priceless 2024-06-20
04 AEA and Highway Bureau Deepen Their Exchange in the Liaison Meeting to Jointly Promote the Electronic Official Document Referral and Achieve to Goals of Net-Zero 2024-05-24
05 46th issue of the “AEA World” by AEA, MOJ Published on May 6, 2024 2024-05-20
06 Great Results from Joint Auction before Mother's Day The total amount made from the final bid reached around NT$76.41 Million 2024-05-20
07 AEA Once Again Held the Seminar of Expert Consultation on the Enforcement of Life Insurance Contracts Innovative Mindset Attracting Professional Opinions with Public-Private Collaboration Optimizing Enforcement Standards 2024-05-14
08 The First Horizontal Interaction between the Administrative Enforcement Agency and the Insurance Bureau Innovative Cross-field Collaboration for Jointly Promoting Fair and Reasonable Enforcement of Rights in Life Insurance Contracts 2024-05-14
09 Minister Tsai Visited the “Digital Innovation Seminar” of AEA in person 2024-05-14
10 University Students Experience Anti-Corruption Work: Becoming Integrity Ambassadors to Promote Campus Honesty 2024-05-02
11 Grand Auction for the Children’s and Ching Ming Days Acquiring More than NT$533.3 Million of Auction Amount for the National Treasury 2024-04-02
12 45th issue of the “AEA World” by AEA, MOJ Published on March 20, 2024 2024-03-20
13 AEA Invited Experts from the MJIB to Talk about “Cognitive Warfare” 2024-03-14
14 Opening ceremony for “the 17th training class of enforcement officers” Minister Tsai encouraged trainees to cherish resources and do their best in their studies 2024-03-05
15 Great Start for the Year of the Dragon A Total of Over NT$125.24 Million Obtained from the Joint Auction of the AEA 2024-03-05
16 AEA on Livestream: From Caring and Convenience for the General Public to New Administrative Enforcement Concepts as “Digital Transformation” and “Environment Protection and Carbon Reduction” 2024-02-29
17 Proactive Efforts Bridge the Gap in Remote Area Care: Two Agencies Collaborate on " Remote Tax Service for Peaceful Li-Shan " Service Event 2024-02-22
18 44th issue of the “AEA World” by AEA, MOJ 2024-02-20
19 Interdisciplinary Cooperation and Promotion of Rule of Law AEA signed an internship cooperation agreement with Asia University 2024-02-16
20 Joint Auctions of AEA Reached Over NT$124,290,000 in Bids for the Celebration of the Year of the Dragon 2024-02-06
21 Not Just an Auction! The Taichung Branch is Proud to Host the First "Dadun Justice Market" Promoting Justice, Caring for the Underprivileged, and Advocating for Legal Compliance. The Event Features Aromatic Delicacies such as Rice Cakes, Fried Rice Noodles, and Tea Eggs, Creating a Lively and Heartwarming Atmosphere. 2024-02-06
22 Great Achievement of the Fourth Wave of Operation for Enforcement of Cases of Driving Under the Influence Collecting Over NT$35.14 Million for National Treasury in Half a Month 2024-01-31
23 The Secret of Law Enforcement Using Technology Revealed by AEA Director-General and Director during the Livestream 2024-01-24
24 Minister Tsai Ching-Hsiang Presented the “Top of Enforcement” Honorary Medal at the 2023 Annal Symposium of the Administrative Enforcement Agency of the Ministry of Justice and Its Branches 2024-01-23
25 43rd issue of the “AEA World” by AEA, MOJ Published on January 15, 2024 2024-01-15
26 The Fourth Wave of Operation for Enforcement of Cases of Driving under the Influence Marking the Grand Enforcement as the Spring Festival is around the Corner 2024-01-15
27 AEA’s First Seminar of Expert Consultation on Insurance Issues Jointly Establish a Warm and Resilient Enforcement Practice 2024-01-08
28 A Good Start for the New Year The joint auction on the “first” “Tuesday” of every month, starting at “3” p.m.” made NTD 162,420,000 for the Administrative Enforcement Agency 2024-01-02
29 AEA Towards the International Stages and Became a Role Model for the World with Praises from Foreign Scholars 2024-01-02
30 The Training of Professional Ensuring the Grasp of the Most Recent Trends: The 2023 Seminar on Filing of Objections and Enforcement Cases Held and Organized by AEA 2023-12-21
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