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Taichung Branch , Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice

No. 16 Lane 100 Sec. 2 Jian-Guo North Road West District Taichung


The Ministry of Justice Administrative Enforcement Agency Taichung Branch was founded in January 1, 2001, and its jurisdiction is Taichung City. The location of the Taichung Branch was originally the Detention Office of Juvenile Criminals. It was then reconstructed and refurnished by the Prosecutorial Department of Taichung Local Court to form the current office of this agency. 

The Principle and Vision

Both efficiency and integrity are the main goals we aim for in the office. We work with high standard of ethic to perform the tasks of enforcement. With utilizing the modern technologies, we are able to reach our goal of dealing with many difficult problems in the most effective way. It would only be in the necessity that we use the enforcing methods such as to detain, to confiscate, to impose restriction from leaving the country, and other executions to guard the public interest and uphold the dignity of laws.


The jurisdiction of this agency is Taichung City. It contains total of 23 subdivisions which are managed by two main units. All the cases are evenly distributed to each subdivision on a rotation basis. The following chart presents the implementation of cases for the year 2023.

The Chart presents the implementation in 2023, January Amounts levied NT $ 180,525,562 . February Amounts levied NT $ 270,214,896 . March Amounts levied NT $ 200,199,591 . APR Amounts levied NT $ 190,613,759 . MAY Amounts levied NT $ 202,476,128 . JUN Amounts levied NT $ 195,376,700 . JUL Amounts levied NT $ 172,994,433 . AUG Amounts levied NT $ 177,230,255 . September Amounts levied NT $ 173,623,679 . October Amounts levied NT $ 180,228,089 . Novenber Amounts levied NT $ 205,065,317 . December Amounts levied NT $ 102,000,119 .

Organization and Functions

The functions included are as follows:

  1. To implement the obligatory payment and to coordinate related affairs.
  2. To judge, to declare and to deal with cases related to the obligatory payment.
  3. To deal with the application of detention of the obligatory payment.
  4. To handle other affairs concerning the obligatory payment.
  5. To conduct related affairs in each units.

Organization Chart : The Director of the Taichung Branch, Enforcement Units, Secretary Office, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Statistics Office and Civil Service Ethics Office

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