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The AEA board game is coming, everyone can be “Top Enforcement Officer!”

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  • Last updated:2021-08-13
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The AEA board game is coming, everyone can be “Top Enforcement Officer!”

On the afternoon of December 9, 2020 (Wednesday), the AEA launched a board game "Top Enforcement Officer" that combined all administrative enforcement procedures during the tea talk held by the Ministry of Justice and judicial journalists.

The AEA hoped to introduce the administrative enforcement procedures in an entertaining way to promote legal education.

Minister of Justice Tsai Chin-Shan joined the game in person and highly recommended it and said that the board game was challenging and reflected the actual practice of administrative enforcement.

This board game combines actual enforcement cases and allows the players to become the enforcement officer in this game without spending a lot of time to study and pass the National Examination. The players in this game will have to face all kinds of obligors, implement different enforcement measures to bring their expertise and ability to enforce effectively and become a "Top Enforcement Officer."

"Enforcement with love and clear obstacles to seek justice" is the core value of the Agency. Although each branch only has limited human resources, the AEA still dedicates itself to enforce the obligors who owe a huge amount and high profile cases to ensure the fairness and justice and provide care for all disadvantaged obligors at the same time.

The AEA has decided to launch this board game on the 20th anniversary of the AEA and allow the players to realize that the administrative enforcement measures constitute the last mile of realizing social justice!

For the people who are interested in this game, the AEA also provides relevant demonstration videos, game introduction videos, promo videos and rule instructions, which are all available on the official website of the Agency (link below).

In addition, the available number of this game is limited. The public who are interested can visit the official website of every branch or their Facebook fan-page lately. It will be available for free from January 2, 2021.

  1. Introduction website of Top Enforcement Officer Board Game: https://www.tpk.moj.gov.tw/9539/790872/790882/
  2. Introduction website of Top Enforcement Officer Board Game: QR CODE
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