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The Jurisdiction

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This official area of jurisdiction is Taichung city,and the area approximately is 2,215 square kilometers.In additino,the population is about 2,790,000 people.

1.Central District 2.East District 3.South District 4.West District 5.North District 6.Bei Tun District 7.Xi Tun District 8.Nan Tun District 9.Fong Yuan District 10.Da Li District
11.Tai Ping District 12.Dong Shi District 13.Sha Lu District 14.Wu Rih District 15.Cing Shui District 16.Da Jia District 17.Wu Fong District 18.Wu Ci District 19.Hou Li District 20.Shin Gang District
21.He Ping District 22.Sin She District 23.Tan Zih District 24.Da Ya District 25.Shen Gang District 26.Da Du District 27.Long Jing District 28.Wai Pu District 29.Da An District

Taichung City Map

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