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Vision of the Taichung branch,administrative enforcement agency, ministry of justice

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New Organization, New Culture

I. Foreword

This office was established on January 1, 2001. At the beginning, all staff members were green hands that could not cope with the huge volume of referral and exchange cases, showing the acute deficiency of manpower. To ensure tax justice, fulfill public power, and increase government revenue, this office worked against these difficulties by adopting business management and minimizing the operational cost for the maximum profit and effect. We strove to attain our goal and establish the idea of “new organization, new culture.” We stressed esprit de corps, actively got rid the practice of obsolete bureaucrats, and adopted moving management as the means to attain our target. This way, we hope to create for the new organization a new culture of friendliness, honesty, and efficiency.

II. Content

  1. Carrying out the ideal of business-style management (1) Copying the ideal of business management Given the budget limitation, this office has to strive for the highest cost-benefit ratio, review our investment returns, and correct our drawbacks all the way and all the time. We must cut down on our outlays, eliminate waste, save what can be saved and strive for the maximum marginal utility for every expenditure.
  2. (2)To attaint the goal of business management, we have made the best use of outsourcing and the conscripts choosing to serve in civil service rather than in the military. We have employed, through open biddings, the help of private businesses to handle, in this office, affairs that do not involve public power. These include administrative chores as typing the payment notices and return slips, maintenance of files, settlement of account, filing business, and mail service. Thanks to their help, the executive officers of this office are spared to focus their efforts on their core duties – administrative execution – including the sealing off and suction of fixed property, bringing in the obligors under police escort and putting them in custody. All the helpers from the outside and the substitute service men working in our office have joined in processing the payment notices, return slips, filing work, information management, mail chores and other execution-related affairs. Every other month, this office evaluates their performances for improvement. If incompetent workers are found among the staff stationed in this office by outsourcing firms, they are requested to have them replaced, so that can incessantly improve their work and raise their efficiency.
  3. Establishment of performance-oriented concept This office's main task is to execute monetary payments obligated by public law. It is divided into execution units, each of which has a clerk and a junior enforcement officer. Their performances are evaluated on the basis of the amount collected, the rate of collection, and the number of cases closed. This is done according to the principles of justice, impartiality, and openness. We have used a case control system to measure the results of quantified execution on the basis of the receipts issued and objectivity. Full-time personnel are assigned to key in and compare the receipts and prepare daily reports. Every month, they print out performance tables and posted them for public reference. The Administrative Enforcement Agency has announced a cash reward plan, under which outstanding workers are cited at a monthly meeting and the name list is posted on the Honor Column to generate the attitude of benign competition among the workers in order to boost their morale. Excellence is rewarded; ineptitude is punished. The record of evaluation is used as the basis of year-end evaluation, which, in turn, is used as the standard for promotion and transfer. The cultivation of this performance-oriented concept can raise the performance of administrative execution with little cost.
  4. Establishment of a new culture of courage in facing responsibilities This is a new office established by the new government. Currently, there are three enforcement officers, 12 clerks, 13 junior enforcement officers . If the supporting personnel, drivers, and janitors are counted, the total number of the staff comes to 44. They are constantly asked to get rid of the practices common in the field of public service in the past. They are demanded not to procrastinate or pass the buck. Instead, they are encouraged to take the initiative, to dig out problems, to solve the problems, and, most important of all, to carry out administrative execution through the best use of public power. This will make the social public feel the government's determination to fulfill public power and contribute to the establishment of a new culture in this office, where staff workers are courageous to face their duties.

III. Conclusion

Since this organization was established, we have, under the guidance of high-level officials of the Ministry of Justice and the Administrative Enforcement Agency , worked in keeping with the credo of honesty, efficiency, and friendliness. Our goal is to raise the quality and performance of the cases we are handling in order to create a new culture for the new organization. Through coordination with the referral organizations, we seek to carry out tax justice, maintain public power, promote law-abiding concept among the people, increase the government's revenue, and attain the goal of providing the public with convenience in prosecuting the administrative execution work – convenience for the people, benefits for the people, and friendliness toward the people. In the process, we always stand on the competitive toes and move forward like skiing on thin ice. In the future, we will continue our effort to seek improvement by computerizing our work, increasing our efficiency, strengthening the people-oriented measures, and other aspect of business-like management. This way, we hope we can attain the highest performance with the least expense and boost the government's prestige, so that the public will evaluate and recognize the government in a positive attitude. This must be our superiors' expectation of us and is also the aim of this organization's establishment.

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