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Floors Directions

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Floors Offices and Rooms
The First Office Area
First floor

Information Center. Receive and Dispatch Room. Liquadation Room. Inquiry Room. On Duty Room.

There are 6 Clerk Offices on the 1st floor as follows:
First Clerk Office: 4th Section. 10th Section.
Second Clerk Office: 9th Section. 18th Section.
Third Clerk Office: 7th Section. 21st Section.
Fourth Clerk Office: 12th Section. 20th Section.
Fifth Clerk Office: 3rd Section. 6th Section. 11th Section.
6th Clerk Office: 8th Section. 17th Section.
13th Clerk Office: 13th Section. 14th Section.
15th Clerk Office: 24th Section.

The First Office Area
Second floor
Enforcement Officer Offices. Statistic Office. Conference Room. Agency room of Assistant.

There are 6 Clerk Offices on the 2nd floor as follows:
7th Clerk Office: 5th Section.
8th Clerk Office: 2nd Section.
9th Clerk Office: 19th Section.
11th Clerk Office: 1st Section.
12th Clerk Office: 22th Section.
14th Clerk Office: 15th Section. 16th Section. 23th Section.

The Second Office Area
First floor
Secretary Office. Civil Service Ethics Office. Archives.
The Second Office Area
Second floor
Personnel Office. Accounting Office.
The Second Office Area
Third floor
Case Distribution Office.

The first office area first floor

The first office area second floor

The second office area

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