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Minister Tsai Visited the “Digital Innovation Seminar” of AEA in person

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  • Last updated:2024-06-17
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With modern technology changes with each passing day, in order to improve the
knowledge of directors and chiefs of enforcement officers (of senior levels) of AEA and its
branches in the field of science and technology and implement the technology policy of the
Ministry of Justice, so as to lay the foundations of the basic concepts and application of
generative AI and cryptocurrency among the senior heads of AEA and its branches, the
“Digital Innovation Seminar” was held on May 3, with Minister Tsai, Ching-Hsiang
attended in person.
Minister Tsai, in his speech, mentioned that in the rapidly changing modern society
and the ever-changing trends of science and technology, shall urge AEA to keep up with
paces in terms of mindsets and practices by adopting innovative actions and effectively
utilizing new technologies to improve administrative efficiency for achieving record high
performances repeatedly. Since its establishment 24 years ago, AEA has achieved an
enforcement performance of collecting NT$654.4 billion for the national treasury, which is
an achievement deserving high recognition thanks to the hard work of all AEA staff. In
recent years, AEA has actively cooperated with government policies and made deployment
in advance. It has implemented projects on African Swine Fever, epidemic prevention, zerotolerance for driving under the influence, and fines for failing to yield to pedestrians. The
results of the enforcement were excellent, demonstrating the commitment of AEA to fully
execute public power and enhance the law-abiding awareness among the general public to
fulfill the responsibilities of “legal compliance.” In addition, AEA also utilized technology
to promote the “Clairvoyance Project of Foreclosure,” “Drone Aerial Videos,” and “Virtual
Reality (VR) Videos” to demonstrate innovative achievements. It also cooperated with the
procuratorate in handling the revaluation of confiscated property and other works, creating

a new era of horizontal cooperation among agencies under the Ministry of Justice and giving
full play to the effects of interdisciplinary cooperation. Minister Tsai also mentioned that
AEA staff shall have adequate empathy, adopt lenient enforcement measures such as
installment payment, actively and proactively assist obligors in accessing the resources of
local governments and social welfare agencies to overcome economic difficulties as soon
as possible, and fully implement the core concept of “care for the disadvantaged” of AEA.
The Seminar offered special courses in which lecturers from the Information and
Communications Research Institute of the Industrial Technology Research Institute
specializing in blockchain financial crime investigation were invited to provide instructions
on the technology and administrative enforcement of generative AI-bot and cryptocurrency
financial flow tools and tracing practices. All colleagues who participated in the courses
benefited significantly, and the Seminar concluded as a great success.

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