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Great Results from Joint Auction before Mother's Day The total amount made from the final bid reached around NT$76.41 Million

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  • Last updated:2024-06-17
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The Administrative Enforcement Agency of the Ministry of Justice (AEA) and its
Branches held the joint auction is held on the “first” “Tuesday” of every month, starting at
“3” p.m. on May 7, a week before Mother's Day. During the event, each and all Branches
offered a variety of special and dazzling items for the bidding by the enthusiastic visitors,
especially the high-quality jewelry that could perfectly serve as Mother's Day gifts, and the
total auction amount reached an impressive NT$76,419,154.
The total bid amount of real properties reached NT$6,364,326. The highest-bidding price
was New Taipei Branch, reaching NT$44.883 million for a total of 7 land parcels located in
the Qiaozhong Section and Daguan Section within the Fuzhou Urban Renewal Project Area
at Banqiao District, New Taipei City. The most eye-catching item was from the Hualien
Branch, which was the first domestic real estate “presented by drone aerial photography”
and was auctioned for NT$2,608,888. The item is located in the Yugang Section of
Chenggong Township, Taitung County, covering an area ofmore than 674 square meters.
There are hundreds of banana trees and overgrown weeds and other trees, making it difficult
for the enforcement staff to enter the area. In order to fully present the appearance of the
real estate, the Hualien Branch produced a drone aerial video. It was the first time that drones
were used in foreclosure photography, allowing the general public to see the entire real
estate and the surrounding environment through three-dimensional images for complete
auction information. Other branches also auctioned various real properties in good
conditions and ended the conclusion of the auction with exceptional results.
The total amount of property auctioned reached NT$12,778,828. The Taipei Branch
offered thousands of pieces of exquisite jewelry from Europe and the United States for sale,
including pendants, necklaces, bracelets, wristbands, and earrings, etc., with upset prices as
low as NT$100 per piece. Among them, a natural ruby necklace and an emerald bead
necklace with an appraisal report were auctioned for a total of NT$85,000. The price was
far lower than the manufacturer's cost price, making it a great deal for the bid winners. The
Shilin Branch, under the entrust of the District Prosecutor's Office, auctioned a black
Mercedes sports car, 60188.011974 pieces of UTSD, and a 2022 all-electric Porsche
TAYCAN 4CT, which were auctioned at prices of NT$2.7 million, NT$1.92 million, and
NT$3.2 million, respectively. The Tainan Branch auctioned a 2014 KYMCO motorcycle
with a starting bid of NT$1. After several rounds of bids, it was finally sold for NT$4,000.
Other properties auctioned by the other Branches include multiple cars and motorcycles,
paintings, sports gear and equipment, physical stock certificates, etc.
The joint auction is held on the “first” “Tuesday” of every month, starting at “3” p.m.
Anyone who is interested can visit the official site (http://www.tpk.moj.gov.tw or the
respective official sites of each branch for inquiry, or browse the posts of Facebook fan
pages of the branches to keep abreast of the latest and best offers auction information. Don't

miss your chance to get your dream stuff at the best offer at the joint auction, which is held
on the “first” “Tuesday” of every month, starting at “3” p.m.

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